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Meet the Cast


 Meet Morgan. He might seem like your average college student, but he's actually quite special. Unknown to him, Morgan's got a whole cast of critters living in his body, influencing his thoughts, actions, and urges.

No wonder he's often so confused by the things he does, and things that happen to him! Think of Morgan like a human sponge, often soaking up the influences of others.

Meet Bran the Brain Operator, the self-declared leader of the Organauts living in Morgan's body.

Bran often gets carried away imposing his values upon Morgan. When Morgan makes mistakes, which happens often, Bran tries hard to avoid being blamed for them.

Despite Bran's best effort, Morgan doesn't always listen to his brain, and the Organauts definitely don't either.

Meet Pepe the Penis Operator, the balls-to-the-wall, hilarious member living in Morgan's nether region. 

He often butts heads with Bran due to his impulsive nature and constant high energy. Pepe looks for any reason to grab the joystick and play his arcade games, even if the timing might not be best for Morgan.

Pepe just has difficulty understanding that life cannot always be fun and games.

Meet Hugo the Heart Operator, who has an even bigger heart himself. 

Hugo is a sucker for love, and truly believes "the one" is out there for Morgan. Considering Hugo falls for
every girl that Morgan meets, it's tough to think he really knows what love is.

Hugo just wears his heart too much
on his sleeves sometimes.