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Meet the Cast


 Meet Morgan. He might seem like your average college student, but he's actually quite special. Unknown to him, Morgan's got a whole cast of critters living in his body, influencing his thoughts, actions, and urges.

No wonder he's often so confused by the things he does, and things that happen to him!


Meet Bran the Brain, the self-declared leader of the organauts living in Morgan's body.

Bran feels personally responsible for Morgan's wellbeing, often getting carried away with imposing his high moral values upon Morgan and the organauts. Despite Bran's best effort, Morgan doesn't always listen to his brain, and the organauts definitely don't either.

Bran the Brain

Meet Pepe the Penis, the balls-to-the-wall, hilarious member of Morgan's nether region. 

He often butts heads with Bran due to his impulsive nature and constant high energy. Pepe lives for his arcade games and looks for any reason to grab the joystick and help Morgan hit a high score.

Pepe the Penis