Meet the cast of Morgan’s Organs!

Morgan is your average university student – a little awkward, a bit unsure, and susceptible to any sort of pressure. Really, Morgan is just a boy learning how to grow up and find what he wants in life.Morgan
Bran the brain is the self-professed leader of Morgan's "organauts". He struggles to balance his beliefs in how to lead Morgan down the right path with what the rest of his body wants. Sometimes Bran overthinks things, but really, he just wants what's best for Morgan. It's tough though when Morgan doesn't always listen to logic.Bran
Pepe the penis is the dick we’ve been waiting to see. His impulsive nature often leads him to butt heads with Bran’s logical approach to governing Morgan. Between Pepe’s soft spot and his sturdy better half, it’s always an adventure with Pepe around.Pepe the penis
Hugo the heart has an even bigger heart of his own. He's caring to the emotional state of others, especially Morgan. He’s an advocate for “true love” and wants Morgan to find “the one”. Hugo just wears his heart too much on his sleeve sometimes.
Lou the lungs sure is the opposite of a breath of fresh air. He has strong opinions and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Lou gets easily bored by his repetitive work responsibilities so he looks for distractions in the body through the pitfalls of others.Lou
Meats is the simple-minded stomach with a belly of his own. His passion is cooking whatever Morgan sends his way, but he sure is lazy in all other walks of life. Don't make Meats wait too long for his next meal or he might get "hangry". Meats
Andy is the old and frail appendix who talks with a withered voice and walks with a cane. His lack of responsibility in Morgan’s body means that Andy spends most of his time reading books and becoming ultra-intelligent. However, the organs often brush off Andy’s philosophical comments and wise advice given his lack of functional credibility, leaving him in a constant state of rejection.Andy the Appendix
Angus the anus is the potty-mouthed one of the group. Angus especially likes to talk with toilet bowl puns and spends his days taking out the trash and letting out the breeze. He’s usually easygoing and helpful, but when doody calls, he sure can turn into an ass.
Kurt and Karl the kidney twins sure love to stir up mischief in the body. Whether it's some new wacky challenge or a borderline dangerous experiment, they really live as if you only need one kidney to survive. Think of them as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum... except they're both Tweedle-Dumber!

Stay tuned for more!